Designed for those that finish furniture professionally, but easy enough for the beginner. Pure Home Paints uses the latest technology to marry non-toxic pure acrylic resins and natural pigments to give you the ultimate degree of durability & adhesion while being totally safe. Pure Home Paint is 100% eco Friendly, non-toxic, VOC free & 100% safe.

Pure Home Chalk Acrylic Paint is an acrylic paint with a look of its own. It has a soft flat paint look with unbelievable adhesion qualities and makes the perfect decorative paint. The combination of modern technology and the highest quality with all American ingredients have made this look easy to achieve. It is full of natural pigments, making coverage on any surface easy to achieve. Once it is cured it adheres to almost any surface. Once cured, it will not peel or scratch off. It leaves a smooth, flat finish when dry. You can glaze over Pure Home Chalk Acrylic Paint,  stencil, decorative paint or VAX. It is flexible and doesn't crack when dry. You can roll, brush or sponge it on. It is different than any other paint product on the market! 

What can I paint with Pure Home Paint Paints?

You can use Pure Home Paint on furniture, laminate, tile, terra-cotta, wood, glass, plexiglass, plastic, ceramics, countertops, linoleum, metal and tin.

How much Pure Home Paint do I need?

Pure Home Paints - Chalk Acrylic Paint
4 oz.                    18.75 sq. ft. 
8 oz.                    37.5 sq. ft. 
16 oz.                  75 sq. ft. 
Quart (32 oz.)      150-190 sq. ft. 

Pure Home Paints - Protective Finishes
4 oz.                    15-20 sq. ft. 
12 oz.                  40-50 sq. ft. 

Pure Home Paints 
4 oz.                     18.75 sq. ft. 
8 oz.                     37.5 sq. ft. 
16 oz.                   75 sq. ft.

I'm new to Pure Home Paint, do you have any tips?

Check out the Pure Home Paints website for helpful tips for newbies and professionals alike. See Painting 101, Shimmer 101 and How To Videos!

How do I care for my painted furniture?

Furniture painted with Pure Home Paint that has been protected with one of the Pure Home Paint Top Coats will last you a lifetime if cared for properly. Unlike waxed pieces you do not need to reapply your topcoat unless they are damaged or outdoors. For your outdoor pieces we recommend going over it with a quick wipedown with a protective finish every 5-8 years to make sure you still have adequate UV protection so your paints won't fade. 

Caring for Pure Home Paint Painted Furniture:
  1. Use a soft lint free cloth for dusting. Never use solvent based cleaners or furniture polish. These chemicals will shorten the life of your furniture and are horrible for the environment
  2. Use felt on heavy pieces that have rough bottoms that may scratch your furniture
  3. Clean up spills or messes immediately with a damp lint free cloth
  4. If you do get a water ring or scuff try buffing with a dry microfiber cloth
  5. Deep cleaning can be done using a soft lint free rag, with a simple homemade cleaner using: 16 oz. of water, 1 drop if Dawn soap and a tablespoon of vinegar

Is Pure Home Paint safe?

Pure Home Paint products are water based and non-toxic! They contain zero VOC's and clean up easily with just soap and water. Rest assured, Pure Home Paint also never participates in animal testing and our products contain no animal by-products. Our company-wide commitment to ethical product development means animal testing is strictly prohibited at Pure Home Paint. We do not use hide glue, or any other animal by-products in any of our family friendly paints and finishes. Our products are vegan and have no bees wax!

How do I paint with Pure Home Paint?

Acrylic Chalked Paints: Stir contents. Apply with brush, sponge or roller. Let dry, about 15 minutes depending on humidity then if needed you can apply another coat. You can layer, distress or glaze for depth. Finish with one of our Pure Home Paint Protective Finishes for ultimate protection. 

Protective Finishes: Always shake before use. Make sure the painted surface is clean and dry. Apply with a damp foam sponge, damp soft brush or damp rag. Lightly apply onto surface, smooth out, and let dry for 5-15 minutes. Apply additional coats for more durability. Only two coats in a 24 hour period are recommended. 

Shimmer Paints/Glazes: Always stir contents. Make sure surface is clean and dry. Apply with a brush, sponge, cloth, finger or anything else you can dream up. Start with a small amount, you can always add more. After applying your first coat of Shimmer Paint you can decide if you want to layer more. Use thin, smooth coats for best results. Allow plenty of drying time before coat or applying Varnish or VAX. There are no limits, experiments and make your own Shabby style! 

Where is Pure Home Paint made?

As always, Pure Home Paint is proud that all of our products are Made in the USA!

Have more questions about Pure Home Paint?

Shoot us a note with any other questions you have - Just hit the Contact Us tab at the top of the page!